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HP 250 G7 Laptop: replaced HDD with SDD, installed Win 10 and now I can't even get the boot screen.

Thu Mar 04, 2021 8:24 am

Hi, there! I hope you can help me with this, I don't know what else to do :(.

Base case: Laptop with default config: HDD + Win10 working perfectly. I wanted to add an SSD and install the OS there and keep the HDD for data storage.

I'll try to be short:
- Installed SSD + HDD, got Black Screen and couldn't even get the boot menu.. just LED backlight. Took out the SSD, everything normal.
- Took out HDD and installed SDD again, got BIOS menu, it didn't recognize the USB stick with WIN10 installer.
- Disabled Safe Boot. Re-created the USB WIN10 installer to be GPT partitioned and be recognized by the UEFI boot option (there is no Legacy on the Boot menu).
- Installed Win10 perfectly on the SSD.
- Connected again the HDD (Win 10 installed there, nothing erased [maybe my bad here]). When starting the computer: Black Screen again.
- Disconnected SSD, booted WIN10 installer through the USB stick, formatted the HDD.
- Connected HDD+ SSD = Black screen.

Situation now:
- HDD + SSD = Black Screen.
- SSD = Black Screen. How? Why? How can I access the SSD now??
- HDD = Bios Screen.
When restarting with WIN key + B, The screen shows a text indicating the BIOS maybe corrupted and recomends re-installing it through a USB stick, downloading the latest one from an HP website.

Additional data:
- Notebook: brand new HP 250 G7
- Brand new SSD: XPG SX6000 lite 128 GB

I'm willing to try anything.

P.S: Images from the boot menu:

(add Google Drive base URL, can't post links yet)

Update: Tried the SDD on another laptop and Win10 boots perfectly.

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