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2.5 SSD and SATA FFC cables

Sat Nov 06, 2021 6:54 pm

While rummaging through my closet, I discovered I have 2 HDD FFC cables (something like this: ... tuf506lh|l) I don't remember where they are coming from. So I have 2 questions if you could help me, guys:

1. What components/hardware do come with HDD FFC cables? Laptops, 2.5 inch ssds, something else? (can't be from 2,5 hdd because I never bought any such, and they are still in their plastic bags, unopened, so they could not have come from a disassembled laptop;) I know for sure I did not buy them individually, but I can't recall where I got them because I did not pay attention to them at the time. I did buy two 2.5 inch ssd over the last 18 months, but I was under the impression they don't come with sata laptop cables and I don't remember what was in the package (and I can't spend 100$ on a ssd right now just to check).

2. I'm tempted to use them to install a spare 2.5 inch ssd in my TUF laptop in the near future, but can any SATA FFC cable be used with any laptop (assuming they are of sufficient length)? On online stores selling components I have noticed that these cables are listed as compatible with some specific types of laptops, and this puzzles me; it is because of cable length only or is there some other cause?

Thanks in advance.

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