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Old Intel NAS Issue

Thu Jul 21, 2022 11:24 am

I'm not sure if anyone is still here, but I figured I'd post a question to see if I can resolve an issue I'm having.

I bought an Intel NAS back in 2009 or so. The Egg had them on some wild sale and I could not resist. Very nice hardware, and upgradable. The model is the SS4200-E. It sat up for a while but I hooked up up recently to see if it still works. I can access some of the array through Windows 11 Media Player, but it's very slow and buggy. There's software that came with the NAS, but I'm not sure where the install CD is. I don't even know if the software would work on a Win 10 system.

The company that made the software seems to have been bought out by Dell at some point. I doubt Dell still offers any kind of support for my NAS, if they ever did. I don't know if there's some open-source solution out there. Has anyone had to solve a problem like this? If so, what was your solution? Thanks!
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Re: Old Intel NAS Issue

Thu Jul 21, 2022 11:43 am

Looks hot-running.

A NAS box should work just as well as it did back then. It's simply talks SMB I assume, so why does the client OS matter?
(Other than new Windows versions would have old versions SMB disabled by default for security reasons.)

If you want to try installing an alternative OS on the NAS, I'm not sure if the old hardware would be supported or if it would work well with the limited hardware resources, but maybe:

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