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Do you have a 5 1/4 inch floppy in a computer that you regularly use?

Yes (High Density - 1.2MB)
8 (13%)
Yes (Double Density- 360KB)
No votes
55 (87%)
I've never seen one
No votes
Total votes: 63
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Thu Jan 02, 2003 8:35 pm

Niteslayer, I actually have a 360K floppy that I have no media for on one of my old boxen. I am interested in getting your old stuff. :D
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Mon Jan 06, 2003 9:21 am

Forge wrote:
To all you pikers whining about Win95A on 3.5", and your little 5, 10 and 20 floppy stories....

Did you just call me a piker? Wtf is a Piker? Nobody's ever called me a piker before! It sounds like a pretty good insultish word though... :)

Piker... not even google knows what a piker is!

Actually that's not true, google found this:

Pikey adj. Derogatory term for Gipsys. particularly the type that live in communes of stinking caravans with pyres of junked Mk 4 Granadas and heaps of domestic rubbish left festering on public open spaces. c.f. Hackney Marshes today! Note: not the real Romany types , but dirty workshy theiving bastards.

Otherwise, tramp, dosser, one who wears old clothes or someone will stoop to pick up a 2p coin from a street. circa. 1960's UK (SE)

and on the same page, this:

pov, povvo n. Similar to a "gippo" or a "piker", but far, far worse. A pov is easily recognised by a home- done hair cut, supermarket trainers, an ear stud at the age of eight and a permanent smell such as that of mushy peas, cheese or even urine. (ed: a girl matching most of this description used to work with me on an ice cream van I once had - but she didn't smell bad and was a really, really, really nice girl and I loved her heaps!! I wonder where she is now?) c.f. pikey, gippo UK

Alright, fine. I'll admit to cutting my own hair. (How difficult is a number 4 crew cut anyway? that's right: not very.) but I never had anything pierced by age eight, so there!

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