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Partitioning Help Needed!

Wed Jan 08, 2003 6:54 pm

Silicon Graphics 320 dual 1GHz PIII, 1 GIG RAM, Windows 2K SP3.

As you probably know, SGI's require a FAT partition for the OS loader, so NT must be installed, then upgraded to W2K, with the partitions necessary under NT intact.

On my system, I have just installed a new IBM SCSI 36Z15 36GIG drive and successfully installed NT, then successfully upgraded to 2K SP3. To install the NT, I installed an FAT partition and an OS partition of 4095K. The remaining space on the drive is behaving badly. I'd like to merge the OS partition with it, or at least turn it into a formatted partition. Here are the errors:

Partition Magic 7: When I start PM7, it gives me a warning that reports that Disk 3 (35000MB 4462c 255h 63s) appears to have partitions created using a different drive geometry (64h 32s), and that this "serious" problem can lead to data loss. In the PM program, the entire disk is shown: 35,001.0 MB BAD with error #108.

In Disk Manager 2000, the disk is shown as a single FAT32 partition of 52MEG, an NTFS partition of 4924MEG, and the rest is crosshatched ("Empty"). I cannot do anything to the crosshatched empty area.

In Windows Disk Management, the drive is shown as "Free Space", and right clicking on the partition only allows "Create Logical Drive" ("Delete Partition" is grayed out).

Anybody have any idea what to do to allow the "Free Space" to be formatted and used?

I do have Norton Ghost installed, but have not used it and am unfamiliar with it.



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