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They don't like each other?

Mon Jan 20, 2003 7:26 am

Got 2 drives.. a Maxtor one and a Samsung one. They'll boot on their own when put on Primary Master, either the Maxtor or Samsung, but neither will register when one is on Primary Master and the other on Primary Slave. Anything I miss? Thanks..
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Mon Jan 20, 2003 7:55 am

The only thing I can think of is the generic DOH! explanation of failing to set the jumpers of the HD in slave configuration to slave mode.

You might also want to try another IDE cable just in case, sometimes those ribbon cables can be very vulnerable to damage and anytime you're trouble shooting drive problems this simple solution might be the culprit.
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Mon Jan 20, 2003 8:43 am

Thanks.. :D that could probably be it, I'll try and fix it in the morning..
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Mon Jan 20, 2003 12:35 pm

Had the same problem with my brother in law's system.

For some reason the Sumsung has to be set to master to work properly. So just put the Samsung as your master, and your Maxtor as a slave, and everything should be ok.
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Mon Jan 20, 2003 1:34 pm

Some harddrives have different settings for "Master" when they're single drive or when there is a slave attached. That is, some drives have a "Master" and a different "Master with slave present" setting.

Double check.
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Mon Jan 20, 2003 9:49 pm

Years ago, the jumper settings for Maxtor and Western Digital drives were exactly opposite each other for master and slave. Very confusing.

With newer drives, I get the best results using the "cable select" setting on almost all of my ATA devices.

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