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ISO Stick, Kickstarter

Sat Jun 02, 2012 6:16 am

I've never really done the kick starter thing, but I've been seeing more and more of them popping up. This one I found to be pretty damn cool ... -usb-stick

A USB Stick that automatically runs a selected ISO, so there is no need to unpack it or "Burn" it to the thumb drive... hmmm, cool. I think the best feature I noticed on here that no thumb drive I've seen has is the write protect switch, like floppies had. It makes perfect sense and I've wanted a drive with this feature. It would especially come in handy if you had an AV running on the stick and wanted to prevent cross contaminating machines in a business environment as you go from machine to machine scanning. I noticed the kickstarter says "Successful" not sure if you can still technically donate... but I figured it was worth noting. Cool stuff IMO.
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