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How long will OCZ be around for?

Wed Oct 10, 2012 8:30 am

Ok, so I've always heard a lot of talk about people pondering the longevity of SSDs, but what about the world's most notable crazy cheap SSD maker?

Sure, they might be selling their SSDs for next to nothing, but they surely aren't making any money off of it. Their stock dropped 40+% in the premarket today, after they announced that they are falling far short of an already lowered earnings estimate. Even before this, the company wasn't profitable. If you look at the prices all their drives are selling for, they're way cheaper than everybody else's.

Looking at the books since they've gone public, pretty much the only way they've generated money is selling stock, and now the stock is worth next to nothing.

I see all this, and worry that although OCZ might not be the most reliable drive maker, as a consumer I sure am gonna miss their competition.

How long do y'all think they have left?
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Re: How long will OCZ be around for?

Wed Oct 10, 2012 9:14 am

Six months tops. Nothing more than an uneducated guess, and I'd like to see them hang around longer, but you cannot continue to hemorrhage money like that and stay in the game.

I watched the excitement generated on an almost daily basis at SlickDeals a month ago as it seemed like there was an OCZ SSD deal every other day. I was in the market for an SSD, just not an OCZ one, so I finally settled on a Kingston SSD, which was not even close to an OCZ as far as raw speed, but for $57 I have a 128gb SSD from a company that I've previously bought SSDs from, and any SSD will be faster than any mechanical drive, so for its purpose in my HTPC, I have much more peace of mind with my Kingston compared to any OCZ model (and that includes the newer Sandforce based models due to their issues coming out of sleep mode, which is what my HTPC does 90% of the time).
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