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Is it a software Problem?

Sun Apr 07, 2002 11:41 am


Up until a week ago I had no trouble with my PC, anywhere. Internet was working perfectly, then one afternoon I had the dreaded "This Programme Has Performed an Illegal Operation" crap. It was caused by Iexplore.exe. and it was in module GDI.exe. Also, much less rarely a blue-screen crach that said a fatal exception (etc) at 00:20:000015D9 in VXD VMM (01)+ 00005D9.

I installed images nade with drive image from a month ago, no change, installed IE6 and updates, no change. I uninstalled my MSM and Download Accelerator Plus, no change. Has anyone got any Idea at all?

I run Windows 98 as I do not like ME, 2000, and XP (they have daft things in them like restore files, and thad idiotic what do you wasnt to do screen when a disk is inserted, I need help.

It does notdo it on all sites, when it does it on a site, I simply press close, OK, or CTR ALT + DEL (for blue screen) and it closes IE, but the connection stays open, I just open the browser and I can then go to exactly the same page with no problems!!

I cannot work this out. I have good download speeds, my modem diagnostics check out fine, I neither installed or removed anything and my virus checker is up to date and my system is clean. - what the hell went wrong.

Help - please.
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