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Sun Jan 06, 2002 11:20 pm

This has absolutely been driving me nuts. I built a computer for a friend with a Via KT266a chipsetted mobo and installed Windows XP. Everything went smooth until the modem which at that time was some funky thing that wasn't XP compatible. Enter the SupraExpress 56k USB. XP knows it's there and talks with it. AOL System INformation knows it's there and talks to it. But unless the modem is selected as "Standard (Hayes Compatible)", AOL can't initialize. When set to the standard HAyes, it does initialize, dial and connect. But it either hangs up and redials after 'talking to network', times out or gets in and then falls apart and won't access sites. And the saga continues. I switched to a MultiTech USB modem - EXACT same problem. And I switched to a Supra Max PCI - EXACT same problem. Three modems all produced the same results. FYI, the MUltiTech was then put back in the Win98 system it was pulled from and worked once more. Can anybody hel with this? Thanks in advance!
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Mon Jan 07, 2002 2:30 am

Burn AOL, delete XP, and start over?

Not sure, that's like mixing manure and fuel oil and asking how to cover the smell.

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