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Offline updating Win8?

Sat Oct 07, 2017 9:02 am

How would one go about offline updating Win8?
Is there a site that tracks Windows updates, showing which were added or removed over a timeline?

In the XP days AutoPatcher was nice, but now I'm not convinced its Win8 update list is full, and it lists as "needed" many old updates that Windows Update doesn't show.


Bonus question:
It seems at least some Microsoft updates are happy to install, or appear to do so, even when unneeded.
Is there an absolute way to check w/o installing if an update is needed on a certain OS install?

For example, did some testing on a mostly up-to-date Win81 install (Windows Update shows just a few updates from recent months).
AutoPatcher listed a ton of updates as "needed". A notable one was KB2883200, a big 230MB update from 2013, that's been superseded by the 700MB "Windows 8.1 with Update" (KB2919355).

I thought I'd see what happens if I manually run KB2883200, expecting it to say it's not needed. But it actually spent a few minutes installing, then wanted a restart. On shutdown there was update progress indication (maybe a minute), on startup another brief update progress indication (just a few seconds; seemed like it didn't do much). Once Windows loaded I checked the update history and indeed KB2883200 was listed.

What do I make of that? Did a 2013 update really change something on mostly up-to-date OS install?

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