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Wi-fi not connecting on bootup

Mon Jan 21, 2019 9:24 am

Hi. My desktop PC runs Windows 10 and has an Edimax Nano USB adapter for wi-fi. All was well until a couple of months ago (a day or two after an Update) when I no longer got connected to the internet on bootup. I now have to go to the taskbar and click the wi-fi icon followed by Disconnect/Connect Automatically/Connect and that's me connected until I switch off.

Quite an annoyance and here's what I've tried so far (but with no luck):

Device Manager/Network Adapter – Properties, Power Management: UNtick 'Allow computer to turn off..'

ControlPanel/Power Options: choose High Performance and set Wireless Adapter performance to Max Performance

Turned off Win 10 fast startup.

ControlPanel/Network&Sharing Centre, click wifi link, click Wireless Properties, tick 'Connect even if...'

Installed a driver from Edimax's website.

I wonder if anyone has any further suggestions? My thanks if you do.

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