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Video Player for Win10

Mon May 30, 2022 6:55 am

Hey, I cannot find a reliable video player for windows 10. I'm running an LG OLED from 2018 at 4k 60hz, and I can't find a player that doesn't have some kind of drawback,or doesn't require an enormous amount of tweaking.

I've tried MPC with lav filters, VLC, Pot Player, I even tried Cyber Power DVD. In general I'm getting issues like motion jitter, players not supporting bitstreaming and weird color output. I often have to cycle through the different players and deal with the trade offs based on what file I want to play and it's pretty damn annoying.

I'm running a Titan Pascal and 16 core threadripper with 32gb of RAM, so it can't be a resource issue. I'm interested to hear any advice from someone who is happy with their windows video player.
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Re: Video Player for Win10

Mon May 30, 2022 11:27 am

Do you know how your videos are encoded in general?

I use my PC to stream for Plex to a PS4 with out any issue but all of the videos are encoded as h.264 using handbrake after ripping the DVD/Blueray using MakeMKV. I use plex locally as well with out issue and things like VLC or Windows Media player work fine but the encoding is constant for my library.

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