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Tue Feb 12, 2002 4:51 pm

I've got a 500 mhZ Compaq, 312 MB RAM, running W 98 SE. I want to train on database sw, preferably server based Unix/Linux versions. This means running a 2nd machine - UNLESS I can maintain my existing OS (or upg to W2000) and do this.

PC HW technician types have warned against this dual boot approach. Database type folks say "sure why not". I'm leaning toward believe the PC HW guys...

Any suggestions on how best to handle configuration for

1) a SIMPLE home network (shared printer, 2 machines max, cable modem to internet)

2) database on linux

3) MINIMUM new hw investment (i have a 75mHz PI that i'd love to put to use)

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Tue Feb 12, 2002 5:16 pm

So the first question is: what database software? If you just want to work with SQL and play around with DB concepts, go download something like mysql ( It will run on windows, even 98SE.

As far as dual booting goes, not a problem. What you have to do depends on how your machine is set up. My suggestion would be go pick up a 20 or 30GB drive (or whatever you can get cheap). And install your favorite linux distro on it. For the really timid you can create a floppy boot disk that will boot the linux drive. Or you can let it install the bootloader and make life a little easier.

The other option, since you mentioned you had a spare machine around is to install linux on it. A P75 is quite sufficient for learning purposes, especially if you have sufficient RAM in it.

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Tue Feb 12, 2002 5:18 pm

It is easy to make the other machine a db/firewall/gateway, but it will require some reading (howto's on the linux doc project). I have done all these things, and I've been running linux at home for less than a year. Dual booting is a personal issue. I need MS Word so I dual boot, ow I run entirely Linux on my network. Dual booting is not dangerous, the master boot record is seperate from everything else and can be safely confiured by Linux dists or Windows. Despite the name, MBR is nothing magical (assuming you have a CD you can boot off of in an emergency).

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