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folder permissions - perplexed

Thu Feb 03, 2011 5:35 pm

Hi. Consider me a noob on this. I built a sandy bridge system using a Corsair SSD as my W7 Pro OS disc. All's well (except the future RMA!) until I plug in my data HDDs created on another W7 machine. These existing discs won't open due to my lack of permissions (which has never happened to me using W7 on HDDs or any other MS OS). The folders show but I can't open files. The window suggesting I can proceed to gain permission doesn't work. (SSD and HDD are on the same Intel 6GB port on the mobo.)

I am basically ignorant of the security tab options. I read as user with admin privileges, and am in the admin group. I can't change permissions using the folder's security tabs (as the MS instructions suggest). Options are not grayed out, but I am unsure what I can add. I want full control over my data. I am unable to get to the options checklist to alter permissions. (Yes, it did occur to me that this is probably a 'feature' from MS.)

I am most open to suggestion. Other sites run me through what appears to be the usual but it doesn't work. Thanks. Ordski
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Re: folder permissions - perplexed

Thu Feb 03, 2011 5:47 pm

You probably need to take ownership of those folders. Terse MS version here.

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