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Windows 7 Font Size

Thu Jul 07, 2011 4:48 pm

I was playing around with the Windows 7 DPI setting and adjusted the size to the 125% setting, when I moved the setting back to 100% and opened up Chrome I immediately noticed that the bookmark bar and tab titles were smaller than they had been previously. This appears to be system wide as right clicking shows the same smaller fonts in the context menu. This issue is extremely annoying in applications such as Foobar that use the default font setting in virtually ever place texted is used.

Curiously in Foobar I was able to adjust the font size from the Windows default. When the font adjustment windows popped up the size was set to 8, when moving it up to 9 the fonts inside Foobar were at the previous size before the earlier DPI adjustments.

Any ideas?

EDIT: Yep, this is rendering some programs incredibly annoying to use. The fonts are simply far too much. Going to the medium setting results in a blurry image and fonts far too large. Sigh.

EDIT 2 Solution: Right-click desktop and click Personalize. Click the Windows Color icon in the bottom of the window. Click Advanced appearance settings. Under Item go through the options and where font size is 8 set to 9. Click OK and then log off and back on.

Annoying issue and couldn't find any results online of similar problems. Not sure why changing the DPI back to the default resulted in the smaller than normal font size.

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