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Files "Invisible" after robocopy

Thu Oct 25, 2012 12:45 pm

I backed up a lot of files from a laptop (running Windows Vista) to an external drive using robocopy. I used the /mir flag when making the copy. All of this was done from the Windows Recovery Console. I then formatted the laptop's hard drive and installed Windows 7.

Later, when trying to access the files they do not appear on Window's explorer, but I am able to navigate to the folder if I manually type in the directory path. Other files and folders on the hard drive to appear in windows explorer. I'm missing a few other files and I would like to be able to browse the entire drive to see if they were copied somewhere else, but since I cannot access a directory unless I manually type in the address browsing is difficult.

I have tried showing hidden files, system files, etc., but I have so far been unable to make these files visible. Any help is much appreciated.

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