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Screwy Win7/WinXP networking issue

Thu Nov 15, 2012 11:17 pm

Have a laptop running Win7 Home Premium, connected to a workgroup network. The Win7 laptop can't "see" any of the XP systems (or Linux systems running Samba either) on the network, but can still connect to them if you specify numerical IP addresses. It sees other Win7 systems just fine.

Workgroup name is correct, and the user name in question exists on all relevant systems. I've checked that Network Discovery is enabled. Turning off the firewall makes no difference.

This was working until a couple of weeks ago, and just stopped working for no discernible reason.

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Re: Screwy Win7/WinXP networking issue

Thu Nov 15, 2012 11:34 pm


Make sure the hosts and lmhosts.sam are unmodified.

In the IPv4 Properties of the adapter click advanced and then the WINS tab. Make sure that Default or Enable NetBIOS is enabled over TCP/IP. Well, presuming you want to use WINS.

nbtstat -n - should show the names resolved in the cache

ipconfig /flushdns to purge the DNS cache, albeit that's a longshot as an issue (it only has a TTL of an hour)
ipconfig /displaydns can show the entries in the DNS cache

You'll need to request the Hotfix (it's painless). Won't promise it will fix the problems, but it will add LLTD to XP SP3, which is a better solution than WINS.
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