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Unannounced Windows 8 updates

Wed Feb 12, 2014 9:40 pm

I'm actually now running 8.1. This evening I was looking at stuff on the web when my laptop just shut itself down. When it restarted it went though a series of updates that involved restarting at least six or seven times and messages telling me not to turn my computer off with meaningless progress percentages. Not quite as long as the (announced) upgrade from 8.0 to 8.1 but close. It was about 35 minutes before it finally came up into the desktop I normally use. I was seriously wondering if my computer had been compromised by some kind of nastyware but when I looked at update history I saw a bunch of Windows updates had happened as well as several updates to Office 2010. After all that Windows update still showed two important updates available and six optionals. All of the optionals were updates to hardware drivers so I went ahead and did all of them.

This has happened at least one other time where I could see updates. On a few other occasions my Asus G55V just shut off. There was no indication that it involved an upgrade but maybe it did. It has happened a few times in the year since I bought this computer. I have seen notifications about an update related shutdown going to happen but on this and at least one other occasion there was none.

I always work from the Windows desktop and very seldom see the goofy metro interface or any of the apps on it. I'm wondering if these updates are announced on the metro interface but not on the desktop.

Is anyone else seeing anything like this?
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Re: Unannounced Windows 8 updates

Sat Feb 15, 2014 5:05 pm

same exact thing happened to me a few days ago but on Win 7 Home on a laptop. Probably unrelated as we're on different OS but I'd be surprised if we were the only ones. I didn't bother googling it.

My experience was from a cold start. I saw the progress percentages then Windows booted normally. Afterward I checked Win Update but there was nothing there - nothing new I mean. For me the whole thing only took about 5 minutes.

DK what this was all about ... doesn't seem to have affected anything in my case.
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Re: Unannounced Windows 8 updates

Sun Feb 16, 2014 2:31 pm

It's odd you didn't get several popup warnings that WIndows was going to force-reboot the system on you, it usually at least will do that. By default Windows 8 will automatically install updates, and once it does it will forcibly reboot the system unless users disable it via a registry or local policy edit. I'd suggest changing the Windows Update setting to "notify & download but do not install" if ya don't want it to occur again!

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