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Windows 8.1 Display Does not Turn Off

Mon Jun 02, 2014 11:44 am

I've been all over the net looking for a resolution and have tried just about everything; however, my issue does not technically fall into any results I have been able to locate... so here's the issue:

Computer is set to turn the monitor off after 1 minute. The monitor goes blank - after about 10 seconds the "Monitor going to sleep" and then flickers back to desktop. The PC itself is set to never sleep or hibernate - only turn the screen off. So when troubleshooting the only ideas I have come across reflect issues with the PC not going into sleep or hibernate. Thought.. why not - and tried them all with no luck. I'm at a loss here.. any ideas?


Monitor: Pavilion 23tm
OS: Windows 8.1
PC: Dell Inspiron 3847

Things I've done:
Run virus scans and everything is clean.
Gone through process explorer with a fine tooth comb and found no suspect process running in the background.
Disabled touch screen.
Through powercfg removed everything except the keyboard to have permission to wake pc... and then unplugged keyboard.
Powercfg report shows no suspect.
Disabled ipv6.
Removed the ethernet cable.
Left homegroup.
Hijackthis report shows nothing out of place.
Unplugged every USB (Monitor is HDMI) from PC.
Disabled Cloud setting sync.
Uninstalled everything that was tertiary.
Wake Timers are disabled.

...and many many more things. If you google Windows 8.1 System Does not go to sleep... pretty much everything on the first 10 pages I've tried. This leads me to think that the issue is not related to windows 8.1 sleep/hibernate issue as the PC is never suppose to enter either. It's got to be something unique with the monitor.

What stands out to me:

The monitor does go blank - but its a illuminated black so the screen is still on then "Monitor going to sleep" is displayed and the screen turns black (illumination is off), screen resets, and desktop shows back up.... -_- Any suggestions?
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Re: Windows 8.1 Display Does not Turn Off

Thu Jan 01, 2015 12:44 pm

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