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Windows 8.1 Install on GPT 3TB drive

Tue Jul 15, 2014 6:24 pm

Okay, this should be easy but it's got me a bit confused. I was looking to upgrade from a 1TB drive to a 3TB drive for my OS (using Win8.1.) Everything I read from Msft said to use a GPT drive instead of MBR for drives greater than 2TB so I tried to comply but failed at every turn.

Things I tried..
1) Clone my MBR 1TB drive to 3TB drive. Ended up with a bootable 3TB drive but I couldn't access anything past 2TB even to format.
2) convert 3TB drive to GPT using diskpart (select, clean, convert to GPT) and then install using Legacy+UEFI boot setting in the BIOS. Then reboot and install Windows from DVD. Windows complained that I didn't have a drive that it could install to.
3) using the same drive setup as in #2 and changing the BIOS to be set to UEFI boot. This ended up with the same complaint from Windows that I didn't have a drive that I could install Windows on.

So my question is how do you install Windows on a GPT drive? It shouldn't be hard but I've failed to do it so far. The only thing I can use the 3TB drive for (and access all 3TB) is as GPT data drive. The drive isn't going to waste but it's not what I originally intended to use it for.

This is with a MSI Z97 PC Mate MB with the latest BIOS.
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Re: Windows 8.1 Install on GPT 3TB drive

Tue Jul 15, 2014 6:50 pm

Make sure that you using UEFI-only (no legacy) and disk controller is using AHCI mode for the HDD. You need to nuke any existing partitions on the HDDs as well. The setup should allow you create bootable UEFI partitions. I suspect that the setup is detecting legacy BIOS and this disables bootable GPT paritions for being created so you are stuck with 2TIB limit imposed by MBR.
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