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Re: Silly linux question

Thu Dec 27, 2018 6:15 pm

notfred wrote:
Disagree with the 32bit suggestion, the extra registers more than compensate for the additional space of 64bit pointers.

As with so many things, it probably depends on workload. If he's right on the edge of spilling over into swap, the smaller memory footprint of 32-bit code may win out over the extra registers.

notfred wrote:
The Spectre and Meltdown fixes have not been kind to the older CPUs with the lack of fancy new instructions to help mitigate some of the issues. It may just be time to recycle.

Yeah, tell me about it. And in some cases, it was even worse -- the initial round of Windows 7 Spectre/Meltdown patches sent my wife's desktop (older Athlon 64 box) into a reboot loop. :roll:
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Re: Silly linux question

Sat Dec 29, 2018 12:02 pm

Beyond the questions about the SSD that others have mentioned, best I can tell, that system only supported SATA-II, at best. That's going to limit things a bit. Assuming that the drive and controller get along and are running at SATA-II speeds. Further, the Linux boot sequence isn't particularly disk bound anyway. I might expect it to shave some fraction of a second off the boot time, but not much more. If it takes 25 seconds to boot, and it saves you three quarters of a second, you're really not going to notice much.


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