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Alternatives are NOT Replacements! Using the right tools.

Sat Feb 18, 2017 4:54 pm

I just watched this video and he brings up some good points on users using the right tools for their needs, be it Linux, MacOS, or Windows. This guy has been getting a great of flak for still using Windows instead of using Linux only, and then gives reason and examples why he uses both.

I can relate. While I am only using Linux these days, for years before that I still had to use Windows for other stuff like games and watching online videos from Amazon Prime and Netflix.
It wasn't until recently a few years ago that I could do these things without using Windows or a bunch of hacks and workarounds.

We should be mindful when promoting Linux or FOSS that the alternatives are not and can not be replacements(yet) for tools a lot of high end and professional Windows users use and depend on.

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