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Need help/advice on converting to linux....

Thu Mar 12, 2020 12:10 pm

Ok, i have been using Linux for couple yrs but i only use it for server/workstattion. I found *Nix family is way more advance than windows in that cat. However i still has to use my main comp (development comp) with Windows due to some of my programs cant run on Linux (such as Macromedia Studio MX..)

And i can find some replacements for other programs i've been using but Macromedia Studio MX is my favo and there isnt anything better.

I have checked Macromedia site, and here is my concern:

1. If i use Wine emulator does it perform just as well as it does in Windows? If there is a performace lost then how much? (i emailed Macromedia, and its perfectly legal as long as i remove the copy on my windows)

2. On their site, they have a Mac OS X 10 version. So i wonder is that version under unix binaries? since Mac OS X 10 is unix based OS. If so can i use that version on Unix? Someone please clear this out for me (I email them asking about switching version and they agreed to do that with no charge)

I'm really looking for a best solution, and i hope to have helps/advices from you guys

I'm aiming at Gentoo/FreeBSD/my-own-linux-combined-of-both

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Re: Need help/advice on converting to linux....

Thu Mar 12, 2020 12:18 pm

Compatibility with Wine can be a crapshoot; you would need to try it and see how well it works to verify stability and performance.

You could also try running an entire Windows instance in a VM under Linux to run Studio MX, but you will not get native levels of performance; how much performance you lose is very application-dependent, and could range from negligible to a lot.

No, the MacOS version will not work under Linux. While they are both derived from UNIX, applications are not compatible between them.

Sadly, if you have a Windows-only tool which is a critical piece of your workflow, the best solution is often to just continue using Windows.
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Re: Need help/advice on converting to linux....

Thu Mar 12, 2020 12:21 pm

Yeah, I would look at Virtualbox or something similar for any Windows apps you need instead of Wine. Wine is a great project for messing with the internals of the system, but for a production machine I'd go with something more stable. That's what I do here for Visual Studio and it works out pretty well, but as JBI said, it will depend on the application how much of a performance hit you'll encounter.
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Re: Need help/advice on converting to linux....

Thu Mar 12, 2020 12:36 pm

Virtualbox has that "seamless" mode so your Windows application windows appear right on your linux desktop which is pretty cool. TBH though unless it's just that one thing and the inconvenience of a VM for it isn't that great I'd probably stick to Windows for that computer. Operating systems work best when you aren't trying to hammer a square peg into a round hole.
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Re: Need help/advice on converting to linux....

Thu Mar 12, 2020 5:05 pm

There's something called Crossover that's similar to Wine but apparently better. You could give it a try.
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Re: Need help/advice on converting to linux....

Wed Apr 22, 2020 12:07 pm

FWIW, I personally like the combo of a Mac for the desktop and Linux for the headless beast in the basement.

With the Mac, I get access to software that's not on Linux without having to deal with 'doze. Plus the Mac integrates with my iPhone, Watch, etc. Yet because macOS is based on Unix, I get all the command line stuff. So I write code on the Mac and then when i have big jobs to run, I just ssh over to the Linux box and run it. I use DropBox to keep files synced between the two.

From my perspective it's a bummer that Apple doesn't make a "pro" desktop that's better aligned to my needs. A Threadripper-based Mac Pro could be awesome from a price/performance standpoint, but Apple seems so wedded to Intel for some reason.
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