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getmail spamassassin problem

Fri Nov 30, 2007 12:35 pm

I've got a courier imap mail server setup on an Ubuntu 6.06 machine using getmail4 to retrieve messages from the ISP's server. It then filters them through spamc (which just adds *****SPAM***** to the subject)

Now this all works very nicely apart from every spam that gets tagged also generates a warning email from the server itself which is extremely annoying.

I'm actually being told that spamc returned fewer headers that it received but after much head scratching I just cannot figure out how to shut it up!

I'm running getmail from cron with:
getmail -q -d --rcfile X --rcfile Y &>/dev/null

fixing any setup mistakes I might have made would be ideal but for now I'd just like to stop the messages getting to my inbox

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