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Tech Report Folding Team Status Update for May 1st 2019

Wed May 01, 2019 6:24 pm

Tech Report Folding Team Status Update May 1st 2019
(This report is based on the changes from April 2nd to May 1st)

Top 20 folders in average PPD (points per day) for this update
1 Geatian 1,065,298
2 Fuzzhead 843,332
3 etkaiser 755,588
4 [SDG]Mantis 587,214
5 nc_rocks 531,050
6 Bigbloke2001 504,879
7 Porkbelly 219,094
8 LoneWolf 204,407
9 Tarx 196,769
10 Topinio 152,502

11 szabo02 125,892
12 mastershake227 107,550
13 djontz 93,176
14 Blaylock 68,312
15 maguaz 64,826
16 Lockheed_Tvr 59,173
17 flybywire 58,526
18 farmpuma 44,212
19 Sebastacat 23,478
20 Zubrik 9,095

Other active members for this update:
Peffse, boosthacker, CFroese, Boxster-S, UnitedGerbilNation, jwa120, Frankie_Paterson

Moves up in PPD ranking in this update:
Geatian jumps up into 1st! etkaiser jumps up into 3rd! [SDG]Mantis jumps up into 4th! nc_rocks jumps up by 14 into 5th from 19th! Porkbelly jumps up by 12 into 7th from 19th! LoneWolf enters the top 25 in 8th! Tarx jumps up into 9th! mastershake227 moves up by 7 into 12th from 19th! djontz moves up by 6 into 13th from 19th! Lockheed_Tvr moves up into 16th! flybywire moves up into 17th! Sebastacat moves up into 19th!

Moves up in top 100 team ranks for this update:
Bigbloke2001 moves up into 4th! szabo02 moves up into 19th! Tarx moves up into 32nd! djontz moves up into 34th! CFroese moves up into 65th! Boxster-S moves up into 77th! Zubrik jumps up by 3 into 87th! Peffse moves up into 98th!
Keep folding!
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Re: Tech Report Folding Team Status Update for May 1st 2019

Thu May 02, 2019 4:20 am

Thanks for another great update! I was surprised to see my efforts still listed in the top twenty team 2630 folders since the last work unit from my son's 1070 was on 11 April. Maybe it's getting a little too warm down there in Florida. I hope to have my 650Ti and 550Ti folding soon.
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Re: Tech Report Folding Team Status Update for May 1st 2019

Thu May 02, 2019 10:23 am

Thanks Tarx for putting these together! I also haven't been able to contribute in the last couple months. My PC hasn't been as active after the birth of my daughter. Hopefully I can start folding again soon too.
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