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Tech Report Folding Team Status Update for January 1st 2019

Tue Jan 08, 2019 7:44 am

Tech Report Folding Team Status Update January 1st 2019
(This report is based on the changes since Dec 16th)

Top 20 folders in average PPD (points per day) for this update
1 Fuzzhead 1,528,616
2 Geatian 1,016,578
3 Bigbloke2001 917,054
4 Topinio 866,449
5 etkaiser 723,089
6 nc_rocks 617,537
7 Blaylock 533,859
8 [SDG]Mantis 495,415
9 erotomania 437,833
10 general_tux 412,778

11 Tarx 358,940
12 szabo02 307,656
13 Theolendras 252,128
14 Porkbelly 251,908
15 farmpuma 210,163
16 mastershake227 205,617
17 JustAnEngineer 181,966
18 turtlepwr302 118,402
19 djontz 113,873
20 Sebastacat 63,592

Other active members for this update:
Lockheed_Tvr, flybywire, boosthacker, JoJoBoy, Peffse, Gask, Zubrik, Zenith, Boxster-S and CFroese.

Moves up in PPD ranking in this update:
Blaylock jumps up into 7th! general_tux jumps up into 10th! Tarx moves up into 11th! Theolendras moves up into 13th! farmpuma jumps up into 15th! Sebastacat moves up into 20th!

Moves up in top 50 team ranks for this update:
Porkbelly moves up into 14th! Geatian leaps up by 5 into 21st! Topinio jumps up by 3 into 29th! erotomania jumps up by 2 into 33rd! Tarx jumps up by 2 into 41st!

Moves up in world ranking for this update:
Bigbloke2001 moves up by 9 into 886th! [SDG]Mantis moves up by 2 into 1035th! nc_rocks moves up by 10 into 1094th! Porkbelly moves up by 22 into 2664th! mastershake227 moves up by 26 into 2961st! Geatian moves up by 418 into 3828th! szabo02 moves up by 87 into 4100th! farmpuma moves up by 113 into 4794th!
New in the top 7500: Topinio, Theolendras, erotomania, djontz
New in the top 10,000: Tarx

Next update in early February!
Keep folding!

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