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Tech Report Folding Team Status Update June 1st 2019

Sat Jun 01, 2019 5:54 am

Tech Report Folding Team Status Update June 1st 2019
(This report is based on the changes from May 1st to June 1st)
Note: Next update after this summer.

Top 20 folders in average PPD (points per day) for this update
1 LoneWolf 1,054,415
2 etkaiser 788,534
3 Fuzzhead 747,739
4 [SDG]Mantis 642,435
5 nc_rocks 625,741
6 Bigbloke2001 482,786
7 Topinio 252,036
8 Porkbelly 244,729
9 Geatian 210,841
10 mastershake227 115,874

11 maguaz 107,102
12 djontz 94,679
13 Tarx 80,704
14 Lockheed_Tvr 59,351
15 flybywire 42,055
16 farmpuma 12,718
17 Peffse 9,401
18 Zubrik 8,054
19 jwa120 1,681
20 Brian-tj 428

Other active members for this update:
Boxster-S, Frankie_Paterson, boosthacker, TRFrankenbot

Moves up in PPD ranking in this update:
LoneWolf jumps up by 7 into 1st from 8th! etkaiser moves up into 2nd! Topinio jumps up by 3 into 7th from 10th! mastershake227 jumps up by 2 into 10th from 12th! maguaz moves up by 4 into 11th from 15th! djontz moves up into 12th! Lockheed_Tvr moves up by 2 into 14th from 16th! flybywire moves up by 2 into 15th from 17th! farmpuma moves up by 2 into 16th from 18th! Peffse moves up by 4 into 17th from 21st! Zubrik moves up by 2 into 18th from 20th! jwa120 jumps up by 7 into 19th from 26th! Brian-tj moves into the top 20 in 20th!

Moves up in team rank in the top 100 for this update:
LoneWolf moves up by 2 into 14th! Topinio moves up by 2 into 19th! djontz moves up into 33rd! maguaz jumps up by 4 into 44th! Peffse moves up by 2 into 96th!

Moves up in world ranking for this update:
Fuzzhead moves up by 1 into 162nd!
etkaiser moves up by 11 into 869th!
[SDG]Mantis moves up by 9 into 995th!
nc_rocks moves up by 21 into the top 1100th!
LoneWolf moves up by 329 into the top 2500th!
Topinio moves up by 101 into the top 3400th!

Milestones achieved for this update:
2,700,000,000 points: Fuzzhead
500,000,000 points: nc_rocks
200,000,000 points: LoneWolf
200,000,000 points: Porkbelly
70,000,000 points: Tarx
Keep folding!

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