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F@H3 Beta 3 Released!

Sat Jun 01, 2002 9:32 pm

For those that are interested, Stanford has released Beta 3 of the F@H3 Client. It has a few major bugfixes in it... as listed here:

Fixed a couple of server problems ahead of time, so the next beta has now been put up for download on the Folding@Home beta page ( A changelog is also present on the download page, but I'll repeat the relevant bits here:

- Autosend set to 6hrs, screen logging reduced
- User ID problem fixed (machine ID now stored in registry, selectable by user by using -config). Upto 4 copies per machine supported.
- Port 80 fixes (now deals with unexpected 100 Continue messages, reinstated "\n" fix)
- Console mode service fix (must now use -service argument to run as a service with Firedaemon). Correctly closes at user logoff in the absence of this argument.
- Win GUI: "Paused" now displayed in main window when paused, rather than "Working..."

For Windows users who want to run FAH3Console as a service: When you specify the command line options in Firedaemon please also include the "-service" flag (you're already probably using the "-local" flag).

For Multi-CPU users (Console version): The first copy will automatically assume it has Machine ID #1. If you are running multiple copies on the same machine then please give each copy FAH3Console a unique Machine ID, in the range 1 to 4. Choose "Advanced Settings" from the -config menu to do this.

We're hoping this version will get many port 80 users up and going. If you're a port 80 user please let us know whether or not you've had any success.


- siraj

There you have it! You can now run multiple CPU's using F@H, and it will also work better through firewalls (Better than F@H2, and better than F@H3 beta 2).

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