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Mon Aug 07, 2006 1:01 pm

Probably something like, "as long as it takes to find a replacement." ;) Seriously though, I'm not sure... I shouldn't talk but if it did come back it should probably be for the long haul... Maybe a team of people working together like Tarx, KingFish and myself we're going to do before I bowed out...
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Mon Aug 07, 2006 2:42 pm

Flying Fox wrote:
drfish wrote:
Damage is right. Basically it went like this; he had some requirements for me to meet before he would allow the updates to return and after a lot of consideration I did the honest thing and admitted that I couldn't commit to was he was asking. It was my call to stop the updates, I thought I made that clear in the post Damage linked to. :(
Hey doc, I understand the requirements to be newsy, somewhat regular, and somewhat professional writing style. Is there a minimum length of commitment that we need?

Nope. I didn't ask for that. Seems oddly legalistic. I just wanted someone committed to doing it well in the new format with some consistency. I don't even care if it's not at regular intervals, really.

The whole "newsy" mandate does deserve some explanation. That's part of my desire to move away from the "weekly" folding update. The weekly update came whether things had changed much or not, and it wound up often being lists of items or just very formulaic, with nothing new to catch people's interest. I'd like the updates to focus on things that are happening that are new, different, and interesting--contests, rivalries, big producers joining the team, changes to the unit types, research news, team overtakes, etc. See what I mean? I hope that's not an unreasonable request.
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Mon Aug 07, 2006 3:58 pm

If need be I'll volunteer to write some news articles on a regular basis for the front page. I've got a fair bit of experience as a freelance writer, so as long as I could find new things to write about, I'm sure I could put it all together with an interesting spin, while keeping it within the general context and content of regular front-page releases.

Either way, I'd suggest that whomever starts writing them up, if it indeed begins again, gets in touch with everyone possible, and arranges for news-worthy bits to be emailed or PM'ed to them. I know I don't personally hit all the major forums, but if we can create a collaborative effort, I think we'll find that there is ample material to keep things being updated at a regular basis, whether it be with news about our team, the folding community as a whole, or the overall project.
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Mon Aug 07, 2006 8:53 pm

Could we use the wordpress on the for giving sources that people find about interesting occurrences in the world of TR, be it from our own team, or from stanford, or from EOC or any other team?
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Mon Sep 04, 2006 9:31 am

Hello team 2630.

I have been folding for the TR since July of 2005, and have contemplated switching teams for the same reasons.

I hardly ever check these forums, I must admit I check a competing team's forum every day due to the abundance of information.

I wish the TR team had the enthusiasum of our competitors. What can we do to get it?

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Mon Sep 04, 2006 9:36 am

moose103 wrote:
Hello team 2630.

I have been folding for the TR since July of 2005, and have contemplated switching teams for the same reasons.

I hardly ever check these forums, I must admit I check a competing team's forum every day due to the abundance of information.

I wish the TR team had the enthusiasum of our competitors. What can we do to get it?


More vocal members, like your self never hurts! With the creation and work on the website, everyone for team 2630 is hoping we can have more regularity with updates and what not.

The way I see it, jumping ship does no good and even if it is to a new team with more points etc, I would never feel that I helped said team like I helped TR. I've been folding since I started posting here years ago. Don't quit on us just yet 8)
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Wed Sep 06, 2006 9:49 pm

I am gonna add my $.02 here because I want to see every team be successful; that way the project wins.

Some of you know I am from MaxPC, and others don't really care, but here is what I have noticed since lurking here on and off for about a year now.
1. Boring!!!!
2. No "New Folders Here" threads
3. The stickies suck nutzz

Now, I am not bashing your site or the effort anyone has put into this team in any way. MaxPC had sort of the same issue not too long ago; stickies had to be reworked, wecome threads created, etc. You have an awesome untapped resource here in that there are hundreds of visitors to this site every day. GET THEM FOLDING!!

How ???
1. Ask for or welcome them to introduce themselves
2. Post a "config for newbz " thread
3. Congradulate ppl on a recent accomplishment
4. Give away points not prizes
5. Acknowlkedge the little guy...... wait, I wanna repeat that; acknowledge the little guy!
6. Cut the crap in the stickies; informational posts only, none of the "thats great" stuff

1. Welcome new folders.. Introduce yourself here!! That works wonders just to let ppl know you are open to new members, otherwise it just looks like a clique.
2. Help the new guy config his rig; if the new guy thinks you are calling him "teh n00b" they will not stay long.
3. New Top 20 producers or Top 100 members is great but what about a "welcome to 100,000 points new guy" post??
4. Hold a contest where the winner gets points. Simple, ask for volunteers to donate points to the winner and hold a contest; at the end the donators give away points for a fixed time. I am only talking one or two boxes each unless the donator is feeling philanthropic that day.
5. Find ways to let the little guy know they are part of the team just for contributing. the folder who gets 100ppd is just as important as a folder like Leor; when you realize why that is true things will start to get better here.

At MPC we have different ppl doing different things so there is no "one guy" doing it all. Some will argue "They have a mag behind them" but to that I reply " We still have to keep the new recruits, the mag will not make them stay." This may or may not work for you in the long run; I just hope you find a solution to the issue at hand. Again, I am not looking to step on toes here, I just want us all to be at the top of our game.
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Re: TR folding team

Thu Sep 18, 2008 9:23 am

Because the sticky thread should probably not have the discussion with in it, this seems like as good of place as any.

just brew it! wrote:
Looks pretty good to me... having an "index thread" like this seems like a reasonable thing to do to try and keep things more organized.


We should discuss which of the other stickies should be un-stickied. (Maybe all of them?)

So it's been a month, any thoughts or opinions?

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