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TR Folding Team's May 1st 2008 Status Update Report

Fri May 09, 2008 10:59 pm

Tech Report Folding Team Status Update Report May 1st 2008

This report is based on the changes between April 1st 2008 and May 1st 2008 (stats from the official F@H site dated 6am PST May 1st) (I'm just slow to post it... but prompting helps!)

- The big news is of course the beta release of the GPU2 client! Unlike the first GPU client, this is a very solid client with very few issue reported. This client only works will ATI HD2000 series and higher (HD4000 series should also work). Unfortunately ATI X1xxx cards that ran the original GPU client will not be able to use the new client due to architecture requirements, and even worse, WUs for those older cards will run out in the next few weeks! Research done by the original GPU client will be published in the next few months.
Also although earlier WUs didn't fully use a fast GPU except on the fastest CPUs, the latest WUs now (e.g. the 504 point project 4711) will max out a fast GPU even on a slower CPU. PPD for this client is still under debate, especially compared to SMP projects on fast systems (an HD3850 is theoretically suppose to put out 1000PPD).
I was expecting that our team would show some increase in PPD in the last few weeks because of this client (like many other teams), but that has not happened... yet?
- For SMP projects, some of the latest SMP (a few 3000 series projects) have been brutal for lower cache systems. For those running the SMP client with slower X2s or E6400 C2Ds and lower (including Pentium Dual Core), please check that you are still making the preferred deadline (the important deadline) for those projects.
- Two teams are threatening to overtake us by the end of the year. With 20% boost in points, we should be able to fend off CustomPC and get back to trying to overtake the Alliance Francophone.

New members in this update
29 new team members have joined our team! - Congrats & Welcome to the team bdaggett, BL2_Lab, ChronoReverse, crimsonjax, GeForce6200, GMike, HurgyMcGurgyGurg, jaesenn, JohnnyChance, JPMorgan, littlejanl, lp6786, Mitchell, Recruit401, rome32, romvalenz, shrimpNwhitewine, smit5334, stone2020, str8wikid, Sven_C._Dack, Taylor, thegrizzle, topjake, viduus, wi1z, wibeasley, Wootzer and zer0!

Top 50 folders (in PPD for this update)
1 segfault7 52503
2 Haggis! 26962
3 UnitedGerbilNation 22797
4 Fuzzhead 18520
5 JPinTO 14013

6 sefatglj 10940
7 Leor 10831
8 Star_Platinum 10311
9 flybywire 8000
10 TheJuggernaut 7907

11 Ls2bO 7175
12 Lockheed_Tvr 6540
13 JohnLundell 6180
14 fah 6101
15 cass 5709
16 the.sauce 5623
17 drfish 5587
18 Dr_Evil 5346
19 Ragnar_Dan 5234
20 BobHarvey 5122
21 scellio 4968
22 Pax-UX 4672
23 AmericanMutual 4643
24 brujack 4635
25 emkubed 4559

26 pwdrhnd23 4349
27 arpstorm 3864
28 stoneman828 3801
29 notfred2630 3708
30 eo 3591
31 Convert 3447
32 highlandr 3408
33 Ronwell_Q._Dobbs 3295
34 ifittakesforever 3224
35 2_tyma 3194
36 cheesyKing 2931
37 yrreg 2882
38 farmpuma 2878
39 thill9 2797
40 CalPolyMustangs 2772
41 Geatian 2748
42 GE_Pharmacy 2713
43 FloatingSpots 2686
44 rgreen83 2631
45 Joshvar 2587
46 Just_Brew_It! 2528
47 [SDG]Mantis 2528
48 Delphis 2523
49 adampk17 2520
50 astrotech66 2457
segfault7 continues to dominate, the mighty Haggis is back to power! And so has UGN!

The next 50
2400+ PPD: 51 pdxfolds 2436, 52 OutchItHurts 2413, 53 smole 2407
2000+ PPD: 54 Swaaye 2191, 55 Krogoth255 2087, 56 kitsura 2028, 57 pikaporeon 2004
1800+ PPD: 58 ggkthx 1917, 59 Lucky_Jack_Aubrey 1878, 60 SmokinJoe 1871
1600+ PPD: 61 jroyv 1782, 62 Psycho-Bob 1718, 63 Nulfire/Druid 1692, 64 Balzi 1688, 65 b3n113 1629, 66 Toasty 1625
1400+ PPD: 67 monts 1592, 68 bthylafh 1584, 69 cmchrist 1583, 70 Mark` 1530, 71 arghwood 1526, 72 dalamar70 1487, 73 PicardC 1443, 74 SereneScreen 1410, 75 GhostNinja 1407, 76 TheSwamp 1400
1200+ PPD: 77 ChrisDTC 1365, 78 Darwin00214 1359, 79 PS3 1353, 80 RageAgainstHeaven 1331, 81 Xylker 1296, 82 Crazybus 1295, 83 AK_Jedi 1248
1000+ PPD: 84 ReAp3r-G 1181, 85 60l23/Governator 1147, 86 adisor19 1144, 87 pmeysemb 1051, 88 Moses_Joseph 1029, 89 firestorm02 1026
800+ PPD: 90 liquid_mage 951, 91 saturn_5_rocket 918, 92 raggos 883, 93 dreadcthulhu 871, 94 ShiftlessXL 860, 95 GulfPC404 843, 96 SoccerGenius 834, 97 Bakeshop 826, 98 818, 99 Daniel 810
600+ PPD: 100 shrimpNwhitewine 784

Out of the top 100, but with 400 or more PPD
600+ PPD: Stickman-X, Kraft75, dand56301, Volund, SGWB, Austin_1977, benwang, Ephidel, ronton888, GodsMadClown, Shady's_PS3, JPMorgan, Thebolt
500+ PPD: halben, SporkWitch, Spartan970, ChronoReverse, EricChang, holmanator, JJCDAD, Blaylock, BerserkBen, moose1507, Kleonlg, LordIcon, davidhillier, dand56387, etkaiser
400+ PPD: yarbo, IMcRaP, punkd, Nimrod_Long, TRFrankenbot, lp6786, Adamantine, pete_roth, Emi, TFyles, Zerabp, redmouse, jbennett, xtrememasocist_at_gmail, Slymaster, TASK

Moving up in the Team Ranks this update
In the top 10: UnitedGerbilNation moves up into 6th!! Star_Platinum moves up into 10th!!
In the top 20: Lockheed_Tvr jumps up by 2 into 12nd! JPinTO moves up into 16th! Haggis! leaps up by 14 into 20th!!
In the top 30: cheesyKing moves up into 22nd! scellio moves up into 27th! sefatglj jumps up by 2 into 28th!
In the top 40: Ls2bO moves up into 35th! Ragnar_Dan moves up into 37th!
In the top 50: stoneman828 leaps up by 5 into 41st! Toasty moves up into 42nd! notfred2630 leaps up by 4 into 45th! astrotech66 moves up into 46th! farmpuma moves up into 47th! Convert jumps up by 2 into 50th!
In the top 80: ifittakesforever
In the top 90: highlandr, TheSwamp, adisor19
In the top 100: Joshvar, liquid_mage, BobHarvey
Top 125: brujack, ChrisDTC
Top 175: Bakeshop
Top 200: bthylafh, Delphis, kitsura
Top 250: 2_tyma, Darwin00214, etkaiser
Top 300: pikaporeon, Stickman-X
Top 350: adampk17, dart200, Crazybus
Top 400: saturn_5_rocket, 60l23/Governator, ReAp3r-G, Risme, Just1Jay, SporkWitch, holmanator
Top 450: RageAgainstHeaven, Emi, Axai, SN26P_X2
Top 500: arghwood, GhostNinja
Top 600: Kleonlg, EricChang, dand56387, Deathright
Top 700: Mavrick88, Daniel, Zerabp, punkd, Strofcon, els2bo, shrimpNwhitewine
Top 800: davidhillier, JPMorgan, jeszulc, ChronoReverse, themattman
Top 900: lp6786, mdk777, jaesenn
Top 1000: wibeasley, bryce, BL2_Lab, Jessica, crimsonjax

Moving up in the Worldwide Ranks this update
Fuzzhead is now in the top 180 after moving up by 18 into 174th!
JPinTO is now in the top 450 after moving up by 56 into 421st!
Haggis! is now in the top 600 after moving up by a huge 350 into 572nd!
sefatglj is now in the top 800 after moving up by 112 into 709th!
Ls2bO is now in the top 1000 after moving up by 104 into 948th!
notfred2630 is now in the top 1,500 after moving up by 58 into 1483rd!
smole is now in the top 2,500 after moving up by 44 into 2465th!
thill9 is now in the top 2,500 after moving up by 82 into 2470th!
pdxfolds is now in the top 2,500 after moving up by 53 into 2481st!
[SDG]Mantis is now in the top 2,500 after moving up by 56 into 2487th!
Joshvar is now in the top 4,000 after moving up by 307 into 3725th!
BobHarvey is now in the top 4,000 after moving up by 1146 into 3904th!
Pax-UX is now in the top 5,000 after moving up by 1114 into 4053rd!
Geatian is now in the top 5,000 after moving up by 567 into 4542nd!
bthylafh is now in the top 10,000 after moving up by 1569 into 9828th!

Other contributors in this update
300+ PPD: Mavrick88, Hotdog, els2bo, getbornagain, jaesenn, themattman, Mark_Reyes, jss21382, ShaneKearney, jeszulc, KingFish, Anonymous, Just1Jay, CrimsonRevenge, wibeasley, MadBrad, Sneakypheet
200+ PPD: TriumphRider, Nik_S, mastershake227, darthzen, BL2_Lab, Argle_Bargle, bigbloke2001, carpo, idchafee, bigsilos, Nathan, mdk777, Moose17145, crimsonjax, Risme, Omega1, bean7, nc_rocks, Niteslayer, dart200
100+ PPD: spr, Barno, Diceburna, red0510, 5150, viduus, Kinomoto-san, warhead, 3DGPU, GMike, Strofcon, fishnbabs, schellboy, bryce, TRPS2, danthony, Spencer_Pablo, JohnnyChance, wi1z, Zubrik, Driver_7, Locke, Rush,, Axai, mirQtio, golden, heyal256, dextrous, Kloude, vito, Dude_Lebowski, scello, Varkon, fpsduck, Mstrmold, witheygull, imtheunknown, Starfalcon, yekim, WhiteHaus2, pensive, Abby_Normal, Player_Hater, SN26P_X2, A_Pickle, astraelraen, eric509, Looking_For_Knowledge, Deathright, titanofold, dcarlet, Vortexzpd, nu11, Britton1207, Quotesick, soho54, djharder
Under 100PPD: kuwaiki, Acolyte_Alwyn, swilkinson, Phoeinx, DuffBott, equivicus, Insightfill, Tony_Drake, Pro571, dklomparens, MentalDrano, neb_the_heretic, sean1121, kbuck320, brainchild786, daveisfera, Frankie_Paterson, BearThing, dmaupinsmp, loeffel, sikopath, Meatek, Opus5001, WoodsBoy, Hdfisise, stone2020, techreportrules1983, fractux, Eipnoom, iamajai, littlejanl, TimmyG-PS3, str8wikid, dissonance, Princess_Die, Sasha, DerKomisar, lazbum, billhod, NyteSkyy, Reoen, Sven_C._Dack, Pettytheft, Wanpakboy, ctlloyd, lenzenm, SilentNinja, Heels87, kwaidonjin, Peffse, 1970mustang, akskdl, Darkzedo, pikatung, Blazex2002, Tompson, Gene, Apkellogg, scorch70, eb, Snadzies, Ordou, s-brownlee1, Marinush, farmpuma, Sleepwalker, Ktn, Revlimit, DragonFli, amisme, rome32, Ghede, TheComputerBarn, Cheeze, SuperSpy00bob, bacondreamer, Jos82NAComp, Mattviper, pip07200, thak, Yasu_Yoshii, lE3Bl, methalius, Cinder6, SnowboardingTobi, Naz, ndskyz, prestonag, Stacy_Macklin, ancker, Jessica, Magnus, mike8763, evildoughboy, srg86, Kubrick's_rube, mixie189, Reploid, Rolroth, avesparz, kmtv, romvalenz, swampangel, Datalux, ace248952, PopokiOfDeath, Porfie, Ahriman, Ranz, Spreken, Brandon, Uraiser, z-man, FurryDice, smit5334, stevens46, thegrizzle, Taylor, poe_daimi, iZaP, zer0, ckeesyking, appledelhi, House_Angeles, Illissius, LurkingFool, Peff, SoCerFrek, Splinter, Underdog, Wootzer, ShadowEyez, WildChild66, crazyjediman24, folding.menace, L4mberj4ck, topjake, Willy9561, nanotubes, asuka0, excession, steve-o, Recruit401, chrisjczar, JJCOOLX, misha, raza_d, Sling1024, Spooky, TangentZ, GeForce6200, Mitchell, bdaggett, HurgyMcGurgyGurg, Acenmbr1

Major Milestones reached this update
17,000,000 points: segfault7
10,000,000 points: Leor
6,000,000 points: UnitedGerbilNation
3,000,000 points: JPinTO
2,000,000 points: Haggis!, cheesyKing, the.sauce, sefatglj, Dr_Evil
1,500,000 points: Ragnar_Dan, FloatingSpots, GE_Pharmacy
750,000 points: ifittakesforever, highlandr, yrreg, firestorm02
500,000 points: BobHarvey, Pax-UX, Geatian
250,000 points: bthylafh, Delphis, kitsura, Thebolt, benwang
225,000 points: SmokinJoe,, Shady's_PS3, 2_tyma, Driver_7
175,000 points: Darwin00214, Nathan, darthzen, Britton1207, pikaporeon, Kinomoto-san, Tompson
100,000 points: ShaneKearney, adampk17, Omega1, carpo, danthony, dart200, ancker, Crazybus
75,000 points: saturn_5_rocket, 60l23/Governator, ReAp3r-G, Risme, Just1Jay, SporkWitch
50,000 points: RageAgainstHeaven, Moose17145, arghwood, GhostNinja, Phoeinx, bean7, Varkon, pensive
25,000 points: EricChang, dand56387, Mavrick88, Daniel, pikatung, Zerabp, punkd, FurryDice
10,000 points: shrimpNwhitewine, davidhillier, JPMorgan, jeszulc, ChronoReverse, themattman, lp6786, mdk777, jaesenn
1,000 points: wibeasley, BL2_Lab, crimsonjax, viduus, GMike, JohnnyChance, wi1z, djharder, Hdfisise, stone2020, littlejanl, str8wikid, Revlimit, Sven_C._Dack, Blazex2002, Ordou, PopokiOfDeath, rome32
Congrats to all those that reached a new milestone!!
For more milestones, see the thread viewtopic.php?t=37609

In the races this month:
Race #1: flybywire vs fuzzhead to catch UGN (or not!?)
This month UGN has really boosted it stength, enough to start pulling away from fuzzhead! flybywire faded to half strength.

As usual, don't forget to post your comments, questions, suggestions about the report in this thread!
Keep folding!
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Re: TR Folding Team's May 1st 2008 Status Update Report

Sat May 10, 2008 12:10 pm

i love how i'm still 50th in ppd despite the fact ive pulled damn near all my resources to UGN for the rest of the month.
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Re: TR Folding Team's May 1st 2008 Status Update Report

Sun May 11, 2008 12:12 am

I just upgraded my motherboard (from Intel Q965 chipset to P35 chipset)
and have plan to upgrade my CPU to Penryn or Quad Core. 8)
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