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Nvidia GPU Folding Install Instructions + SMP 5.92

Sun Jun 22, 2008 3:49 pm

I haven’t seen anything posted here and my lack of participation at the Stanford forums did give me any foresight into the procedure before I started so I kinda winged it.

I have a 9800GTX and a Q9300 @ 3GHz quadcore running windows XP so things might be a little different for you, if anyone sees anything that they had to different or recommend a better way of going about it feel free to post, any Vista users are free to include the necessary changes due to folder structure as well.

Do not run the SMP client on a dual core in conjunction with the GPU client, instead run the standard CPU client on the remaining core.

This is what I ended up doing to get it to work:

SMP 5.92:

1) Download the 5.91 and 5.92 from here: . You will need to make sure you have .net 2.0 installed as well, you can get it from Microsoft's site: 32bit and 64bit
2) Run the Folding@Home Windows SMP Client.EXE but don’t do anything past that just yet.
3) Extract the FAH5.92beta-win32-SMP-update from the zip file and dump them into your install directory (C:\Program Files\Folding@Home Windows SMP Client V1.01 by default) making sure to overwrite any files.
4) Open install.bat, this should then launch the DeinoMPI install, accept all of the defaults in the GUI portion.
5) When it takes you back to the CMD prompt it will ask you to create a new store, do so, do not create a passphrase, enter your domain\user + password info and choose how you want it to handle the information (registry, file etc). I chose to use a file and told it to put it in c:\store, I did this because I had some errors trying to do it with the registry option but it was probably completely unrelated.
6) You are done with the SMP install.

Nvidia GPU2:

1) Download the Cuda Beta2 driver from here: . Download the .inf from here: ... owforum=94 . You could of course download the driver from the site as well but I see no real reason, plus their bandwidth isn’t as good.
2) Make sure all prior drivers are uninstalled, I simply went into control panel and removed the 175.16 drivers I had already installed and rebooted, didn’t bother with a driver cleaner.
3) Proceed with the install of the Nvidia drivers, it should error out stating that it did not find the correct hardware. Dump the nv4_disp.inf file you downloaded into the C:\NVIDIA\Win2k\177.35\English directory.
4) Start the install again from the NVIDIADisplayWin2K_177.35.exe that you downloaded from Nvidia’s website, not from the setup.exe in the C:\NVIDIA\Win2k\177.35\English directory. It should ask to overwrite files, tell it no.
5) During the install I received errors stating .dll’s were missing from the C:\NVIDIA\Win2k\177.35\English directory, for example nvDispSr.dll. I did however have nvDispS.dl_ in the directory so I added a ‘r’ making it NvDispSr.dl_, hitting ok to the location box asking where the file was (making sure it was pointed to the \English directory) made it happy, this happened with quite a few files and I just kept appending a ‘r’ to the files and continuing on.
6) Reboot
7) Download and install the GPU client from here:
8) Go to your C:\Documents and Settings\*USER*\Application Data\Folding@home-gpu folder and copy cudart.dll, paste it into your C:\Program Files\Folding@home\Folding@home-gpu folder.
9 ) Open your C:\Program Files\Folding@home\Folding@home-gpu folder and open Folding@home.exe, you should see an icon appear in your task bar, right click on it and choose ‘Configure…’ enter your username and team # 2630
10) On the ‘Advanced’ tab next to ‘Core Priority:’ select ‘Slightly higher’, this is needed so that the GPU client isn’t fighting for CPU cycles on one of the cores while the SMP client has free reign on three of the cores and whatever is left after the GPU client.
11) I also went into task manager and set affinity to core3 (whatever core, doesn't matter) for process FahCore_11.exe, no idea if this really does anything but figured it wouldn't hurt to keep this tied to a core.

If you are using fahmon be sure to add the GPU client and point it to C:\Program Files\Folding@home\Folding@home-gpu. I recommend using fahmon over the GPU display since I had some serious issues with it.

On my system (specs above) I am putting out 6827PPD (4980 with the GPU client) *edit* Now up to 7021PPD after the first unit finished *\edit* and I have display lag and can’t watch videos. Basically it will need to be shut down while doing any meaningful work. I have only been running it for about 20 minutes but so far so good...

I have a 4850 on its way to play with next weekend so I will see how well that one does.

Credits: Flying Fox
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Re: Nvidia GPU Folding Install Instructions + SMP 5.92

Sun Jun 22, 2008 4:57 pm

WinSMP instructions suggested addition: Make sure you have .NET Framework 2.0 installed first before running the installer.
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