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Folding Without a monitor? AND The GPU CLient Crash Issue

Wed Feb 25, 2009 10:39 pm

I've had two folding machines hooked up to One monitor and since I'm a re-seller I just sold that monitor.. I simply disconnected the dvi and vga cables from the back of the monitor but did not disconnect the cables from the Two vid cards (GTX 260 216 SP's and 8800 Gt) and now both PC's are humming away PRESUMABLY folding with no monitor (a monitor is en route thanks to newegg etc etc)....

IS IT STILL FOLDING or has it stopped? (an earlier forum question of mine yielded a response from someone who said the GPU client needs a monitor to remain active)

Second question:

Have any of you guys had any GPU CLient crashes... I've had a third machine hooked up via a different GTX 260 card on my big screen TV (which has worked with other folding setups via Nvidia) and was using the SECOND GPU client on the folding @ home site : "Windows XP/2003/Vista GPU System tray client with special viewer for NVIDIA GPU's (installer msi) 6.23 " Only to have it complete five or ten percent and stop... I Remove and re-installed the GPU CLIENT TWICE and still had it do the same thing... Oddly enough I pulled the GTX 260 ( 192 SP via Newegg Open Box) and swapped in a much cheaper 8800 GTX 320 MB (again via newegg open box) and it has been folding without crashes ever since. STRANGELY after snapping in the 8800 GTS and re-booting/ re-starting the GPU folding client a message popped up saying directing me to the "manufacturers website" for a driver update....Which I accpeted.... VERY STRANGE INDEED.... Why would the 8800 GTS use a different folding driver than the gtx 260 and why did the gtx 260 keep freezing up?
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Re: Folding Without a monitor? AND The GPU CLient Crash Issue

Thu Feb 26, 2009 10:20 am

If you are using Windows XP, then your OS should not care if a monitor is hooked up. If using Vista, your OS may not be happy with you for unplugging the monitor. :(

The video driver update message for your 8800 most likely had nothing to do with folding. Which driver version were you using before the update? Which one now? :o

I have a GTX260/192 SP and it has been folding steady for months. I am using the most recent NVidia GPU driver, I think it is version 182.06.
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Re: Folding Without a monitor? AND The GPU CLient Crash Issue

Fri Feb 27, 2009 4:35 pm

Vista needs a dummy plug.

Not sure your cards, but you could put one on the second plug, and run a screen on the other.

GTX cards and everything else don't fold well together.. There seems to be a driver conflict somehow.

Check for more info.
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