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Frankie 2012 Totals

Wed Oct 31, 2012 2:32 pm

Starting a new thread for our case anybody cares to roll them up or make any notes. For future reference, this will be valuable to me as a newbie folder.

From me:

Desktop running Windows 8:
Q6600 (Quad Core/4 threads) + ATI 5750 GPU (24/7 average 6,500 PPD)
124,061 points

Laptop running Windows 7:
Asus i7 2630-QM (Quad Core/8 threads) + Geforce GTX460M GPU (24/7 average 19,000 PPD)
298,756 points

Total from BIF:
422,817 points, whohoo!

Notes: I despise heat and fan noise, so...

1. I capped the CPUs on both systems at about 75%
2. I applied no caps to GPU processing
3. I ran folding 24/5.5 for much of the month and did not run folding 24/7 until the very end. Usually had it running whenever I was asleep or away from home or my home office; basically at times I knew the heat and noise wouldn't bother me.
4. Even with the CPU cap applied, the laptop was terribly sluggish whenever the FAH client was running.
5. The Q6600 never had trouble, and was my main browser machine even when it was running the FAH client. I don't know if this was due to Windows 8 or some other factor.

6. Thank you all for helping me and making me feel welcome bringing TR Frankenbot alive this year!

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