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Sonicwall failover/LB reporting

Thu Apr 07, 2011 1:38 pm

Any Sonicwall gurus here?

In one of our offices, we have a Sonicwall TZ 210 with EnhancedOS. They currently have 2 internet connections, a fast 25/5 Comcast Cable, and a slow 5/1 SBC DSL.

The failover and failback to Primary WAN work properly. However, they are on a VoIP system for telephones, so when the Primary WAN comes back up, it fails back, disconnecting the phone call.

Naturally, the solution is to disable the preemption to fail-back. However, we would like to keep them on the Cable as much as possible, and checking the status multiple times a day is simply not feasible (21 offices and 280 users with real problems).

Is there a way to force an email alert when it fails over, and another when it detects the Primary WAN is restored so we can gracefully move them back once they're off the phones without disconnecting their calls?
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Re: Sonicwall failover/LB reporting

Thu Apr 07, 2011 2:10 pm

You have to setup the Log Automation with your mail server info and specify who gets alerts. You can also opt to have log files emailed automatically, but the load balancing availability generates alerts, so that's the setting that counts for your purposes. I don't remember having to do anything else- alerts are generated by default.

For my VOIP, which is behind a similar setup, I set a preferred route to send VOIP traffic over the backup Internet connection all the time. You still have the same issue when that connection goes down, but it makes some use of the otherwise unused backup connection. You can try setting up a Network Monitor for that connection and make the routing rule dependent on the Monitor seeing the connection as up, but in my limited testing the Network Monitor has not been reliable.

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