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Documentation for OS X 10.6 server domain services

Fri Jul 22, 2011 3:42 pm

Based on a post a few weeks ago, I have decided to integrate our macs into our Active Directory environment. All of our systems are running 10.6.8 (not planning on jumping to lion anytime soon). With 10.6 it was easy enough to join them to our directory and setup administrator or user accounts. They authenticate through AD and it works great.

The next step is getting group-policy like features to work with our Mac's. From my research it looks like I am going to have to use one of our Mac servers to function as a domain controller to get the services installed. Which is fine. We have an extra Mac Server (also running 10.6.8, purchased 3-4 months ago) that is functioning solely as a file server, and that I have approval to use for this purpose. My question is: where do I start? Coming from the Windows world my proficiencies are not geared towards Macs. I am comfortable enough with them now to feel like this is a very doable task, and also have experience administering Linux systems (although considerably less than Windows). The documentation for this seems lacking. Does anyone know of any good websites, guides, white papers, or any other resource that can help with getting this?


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