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Steve Jobs' Biography

Mon Oct 24, 2011 6:32 am

So yeah I waited till It was released at midnight and I stayed up and finished it. All I can say is it was brutal. Steve certainly had his darkside moments. But his vision was unprecedented. My best analogy for him is that "he always swung for the fences".
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Re: Steve Jobs' Biography

Mon Oct 24, 2011 7:42 am

No offense to Steve Jobs, but i am getting sick & tired of this all news and post about him. It's same as Paris Hilton's news, the only difference is she is yet not dead.
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Re: Steve Jobs' Biography

Mon Oct 24, 2011 7:46 am

Actually, it is not at all like Paris Hilton. Jobs had a huge and lasting impact on the tech world; Paris Hilton has a huge impact on supermarket tabloids. Not even close.

But yeah, I agree that the Steve Jobs news (and worship) have been overblown. Enough already...
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Re: Steve Jobs' Biography

Mon Oct 24, 2011 12:40 pm

Wow, I'm no SJ fan, but with as influential as he was and with his particular talents that arguably extended well into genius territory it really surprised me to see people that are already tired of hearing about him. This isn't the 10th or even the 2nd biography published since his death either - it is the first. And it is the only "authorized" biography where the biographer was given extensive access to Jobs and even some of his family.

Like him or not, SJ was extremely important to not just computers but to the whole field of consumer product design, brand imaging, business, and so on and so on. This guy was much more than just Mr. iPhone and there is good reason for there to be much interest in him.

If SJ isn't worthy of all this attention, who would be? Balmer - no, and still living. Gates - no, and still living. Qaddafi - please no. Honestly there's no one I can think of that deserves this much attention any more than Steve Jobs. So, as one who has a certain level of disdain for Apple and all its doings, I still say it's silly to complain about the attention SJ is getting in the immediate weeks after his death. I suppose we could instead lavish our attentions on <insert political despot or mass murderer or Bernie Madoff here>, but Jobs seems to be much more interesting and worthy.
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Re: Steve Jobs' Biography

Mon Oct 24, 2011 1:44 pm

Jigar wrote:
No offense to Steve Jobs, but i am getting sick & tired of this all news and post about him.


Happy Steve Jobs day!
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Re: Steve Jobs' Biography

Thu Dec 29, 2011 4:46 am

Got around to it a bit late, but I just finished the biography. Jobs had his flaws, and was probably a jackass to work for, but in the end I believe he left the world a better place than when he found it. He will have a lasting legacy for good.
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