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Diving into Mobile Gaming...

Fri Nov 18, 2011 2:26 am

Some time ago I moved to a new city and changed careers. I have always been a PC gamer and always will be. I have built several gaming rigs and comps over the years only to find with all of my changes needing something more mobile. I bought a cheap netbook to use for internet and to carry to meetings, but constantly found myself in want of playing an occasional game or two on the go. So back in may I sold my netbook on craigslist and purchased a m11x from Alienware/Dell. I have found in the past several months that I don't even power on my desktop anymore. I recently was considering upgrading it to Sandy Bridge, but realized that I did everything on my m11x now. Although I want something more powerful now to play Battlefield 3, most games run fine on med-high settings. I played all the way through Crysis 2 and Hard reset on my m11x just fine. I use an external 24'' Asus monitor at home mostly.

Has anyone else completely switched over to gaming laptops? Or do you use a laptop for gaming on the go as well as your desktop? Since I am looking for something a little more powerful but yet mobile for Battlefield 3, do you have any suggestions?

I still enjoy my desktop and hope to upgrade it someday. I know price/performance on Gaming laptop vs desktop isn't really worth it for the best performance, but my need for mobility outweighs that. I appreciate your thoughts on this. Thanks.
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