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lenovo y570 gaming perfomance

Sun Mar 04, 2012 2:16 am


I have bought this laptop, due to being on budget,
I was wondering if any of you guys had experience with this laptop and what gaming performance are you getting from it?

I have had some trouble with setting up drivers and all, and searching for reviews suggests that laptop shows less perfomance than it should.
i would appreciate if you could share your perfomance with games, if you have tried gaming on this laptop. Or what drivers and hacks work for you, if you had to use any.
I have had problems with nvidia card not kicking in, and games start running on integrated card.

I want to know if I"m getting what I should from perfomance. I'm considering clean windows install and some advanced messing with drivers, which I rather would not, and just enjoy playing.
I have 20 fps for L4d2 on high, 20fps for bf:bc2 and bf3, both BF start with a lot of stuttering, but after a while I noticed for BF:BC2 laptop sort of "Warmed uP" and stuttering stopped.
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Re: lenovo y570 gaming perfomance

Wed Mar 07, 2012 12:28 pm

I have the Y570. Its gaming performance is pretty darn good for a laptop. I don't know my fps off hand I can run some benchmarks when I get home.
But few questions for you, do you have the nvidia graphics turned on? There is a switch on front of laptop to turn it off and on.
Also do you have the stuttering issue in some games? If so I can let you know how to fix it.

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