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Nvidia 670 gtx is here!

Thu May 10, 2012 8:59 am

It is not a real secret around the interwebs that the 670 was the be released today....but I just was curious and checked and guess what? The 670 gtx is featured on their home page! In light of the fact that tsmc or whatever the 28nm chip producers name is saying they are focu :roll: sing on nvidia instead of amd and qualcom and that the 670670 is pretty much a 680 with a disabled smx(I think? Lol) And that the benchmarks have the 670 performance at 5% below gtx 680(stock reference clocks) to matching or exceding the gtx 680s's performance(factory overclocked)....AND. that the cards will look to cost from $400 to $420-$450 depending on brand, model and availability....

It looks like everyone that has been stuck waiting for a gtx 680 and/or a gtx 690 is very fortunate to have not gotten their hands on one after all. It seems like the low availability of the two more expensive cards was a blessing in disguise! At 400 doll hairs you get performance of a $500 dollar card...and possibly for $800 you will get performance equaling $1000(gtx 680 in sli) or $1200(gtx 690) worth of gpu power.

I also should mention at $400 you have a card that beats amd's flagship(so far) card that costs $50 dollars more. Whats does this mean? Well hopefully we will see prices of the 7970 drop to $400 so this makes amd fans very happy as well. Amdd fans will be able to buy their flagship card for $400 dollars...or $800 for great crossfire setup. Meanwhile nvidia) fans will be getting the same thing...flagship performance at $400 dollars(which is where I believe flagship prices should be anyways. The only thing potentially more exciting is if nvidia can achieve similar results when they release the gtx 660680s's ti..if they can get 95%performance compared to the 670gtx at $300 to $350have that will equate to performance close to equaling 7970 performance with a potential $100 to $150 discount...

To end this long post i'll just say things are looking good for pc gamers!
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Re: Nvidia 670 gtx is here!

Thu May 10, 2012 9:03 am

the price permiums nvidia is launching products at is quite hillarious. I understand they are supply driven not demand driven at this point but gosh. AMD has an entire lineup out and last gen cards price cut so aggressively that right now you have to have real coin to drop on an Nvidia product. Not saying the card isn't good just that it will be a couple months before it effects anything.
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Re: Nvidia 670 gtx is here!

Thu May 10, 2012 11:20 am

Unfortunately for nvidia they don't have enough gtx680 to supply... But regarding performance keep in mind that gtx680 is not overall faster than hd7970. The AMD flagship card is still the fastest single chip card at high resolutions and for that you buy a card that costs ~500$. So actually you'll see that GTX670 competes against HD7950. But at a price around 450$ because if the demand is high and stock is low the price will be "adjusted" by the online retailers, is hard to be a best buy.
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Re: Nvidia 670 gtx is here!

Thu May 10, 2012 8:15 pm

hard to be a best buy
I can't agree with that. the 670 is available right now for ordering at $400 and it's definitely faster than a stock 7950, and draws less power to boot.

Kinda sucks for me since I have a 7950 coming to my doorstep, it's been on a truck for two days. I should have waited, if not for getting a 670, to get a price drop. But I don't care. I want the GCN's compute capabilities, and I'm tired of waiting.
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