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Best for Lightroom & Photoshop : 3930 Vs 3770

Fri Jul 06, 2012 10:00 am


I would like to know which platform is best for Photoshop & Lightroom [mainly] - Premiere & AfterEffect [also].

Common configuration:
32gb of RAM 1600MHz ou 1866Mhz
2x SSD in RAID 0 - Samsung 830 256gb
Nvidia GTX 670

What will work best:
LGA 2011 X79 with 3930 as the processor
LGA 1155 Z77 with 3770 as the processor

Best frequency but 2 core less is better???

speed of import / export is not the most important to me!
what matters the most to me is the speed at which:
photos will be rendered in 1:1
changes/ajustement apply on photos

performance for :

I work with Logitech G13, should I apply changes very quickly. as exemple!

Only working with RAW files from Nikon D3s D700 & Soon D800 (70mo)

Thank you
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Re: Best for Lightroom & Photoshop : 3930 Vs 3770

Fri Jul 06, 2012 10:17 am

tanderson1985 wrote:
2x SSD in RAID 0 - Samsung 830 256gb

I would say raid 0 isn't such a good idea as the possibility of data loss, I don't think you would get much more performance difference with a single drive, except for benchmarks. Also trim isn't supported in raid 0 :wink:

Also, the X79 platform gives a good boost in those softwares you mention, because of the additional 2 cores, if cost isn't a priority :wink:
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Re: Best for Lightroom & Photoshop : 3930 Vs 3770

Fri Jul 06, 2012 10:23 am

I would say that the 3930 will be the "best" as it has more cores AND quad channel memory. The frequency doesn't make as much difference. Here's a quick link to glance over. You've got a heck of a system with $550 worth of SSDs, $200 of RAM, and a $400 GPU already, I'm jealous. I didn't think that kind of system was actually that practical, but then again, the extra <20 seconds it takes my i5-3570K in photoshop is perfectly acceptable for me. I guess you'll have to decide whether or not the 3930 is worth the extra $250 or so over the 3770 to you.
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Re: Best for Lightroom & Photoshop : 3930 Vs 3770

Fri Jul 06, 2012 10:46 am

I've got a d800 and the system in my sig is my Lightroom setup.

Photoshop and Lightroom are different beasts. Photoshop is very CPU and GPU dependent. If you're going to use PS a lot then get the CPU with the most cores. Lightroom, which is what I end up using MUCH more than photoshop, is all about disc access. Once you've imported the images it's all about speedy access to the files. For that it's your SSD's that matter.

I would make 2 recommendations to you; first, save a little cash on the CPU, with the cost of your other components it won't really make that much difference. Secondly, and more importantly, instead of RAID'ing the SSD's, which will just slow them down eventually, use one as a boot/application drive, and use the other one as a dedicated Lightroom cache drive. That's where you'll get real speed.

My machine, which is not as fast as the one you're spec'ing, throws around 70mb D800 RAW files like they are nothing.
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Re: Best for Lightroom & Photoshop : 3930 Vs 3770

Fri Jul 06, 2012 12:25 pm

Hmm, I just went through essentially this same exercise with my wife's computer since she just got a D800 and needed a big jump in computing power. A couple of differences, though. She does mainly portraits with little HDR / panorama / focus stacking stitching type operations, so straight processing power wasn't super high on the list, nor was video work.

Our requirements were:
Fast import from CF (D800 Raw files are huge and can take a lot of time)
Fast access to library (Previous configuration had all photos stored on server)
Fast 1:1 rendering in LR
Fast filter processing in LR and PS
Good balance performance / price (because obviously you can through a ton of money at something to make it the "best" but does it really buy you significant gains)

What I came up with:

Core i5-3750K + Z77 MB(with slight overclock to ~4Ghz) - reasoning - powerful, overclockable, fairly inexpensive, felt that hyperthreading wasn't really getting much in actual improvement in the work she does)
Hyper 212+ cooler
24GB Ram (Ram is cheap - she likes to have a ton of photos open in PS at once - hogs memory. I see you've already got 32GB planned)
onboard video from Ivy bridge (again, onboard video is sufficient, more GPU power doesn't really accelerate much for her workflow)
2 x 120GB Sandisk Extreme SSDs - pretty much the same as a Vertex 3 - did not RAID - drive 1 is OS/Apps, drive 2 is for LR library & temp, PS scratch
WD Black 1TB - Main photo storage, mirrored nightly to server (Don't forget your backups!)
USB3 card reader - combined with fast CF cards really speeds up the import

My wife is not really technical, but she was duly impressed with the type of speed this system was generating with her D800 files, as was I. In fact I like working on her system much more than my own.

What I've found is that the storage system performance has a much bigger impact through the workflow than anything else, and with your base config of SSDs and RAM you should be there already, but I don't think RAIDing is the best choice.

What you may find, though is that working with heavy video editing and doing the big pano and HDR stitching in Photoshop, you *MAY* put the additional cores to use, but the step up to the X79 system is pretty hefty, and you'll have to justify that. I think that the 3770k would be sufficient.


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