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Heaven benchmark popping noise on AMD cards

Fri Aug 03, 2012 8:57 am

Has anyone else have a popping noise in the sound on the AMD video cards over HDMI? I have a 7750 that does it among with a 6570 and they both do the same popping sound in the backround soundtrack. My Asus LP 6570 is overclocked from 600 to 800mhz same as a 6670 since they use the same chip and amount of shaders, memory is ddr3 :( but i have it overclocked from 900mhz to 1000mhz. the HIS 7750 icooler is running at stock clocks so i know it is not from overclocking.
My Nvidia 560 ti sli setup over HDMI does not do this.

Anyone else notice this on AMD cards running heaven over HDMI....I have not tried using VGA or DVI with the motherboard onboard sound since MY pc connections are a little flacky on my HDTVs...mostly on my Panasonics plasma 3dtv that is run by the 7750.

Is there a fix...not that it is a priority but if it is a sign of something wrong in the drivers i would like to fix it.....Note this only happens on the heaven benchmark no games or 3dmark 11.

BTW since last night i upgraded my bios on my gigabyte p67-ud4-b3 from f6 to f8, I measured the size of my 3dmark11 epenis on my 2600k @4728 mhz and my EVGA 560 ti superclocks @ 1010mhz core and 2400mhz memory as measured on afterburner scoring 10606 inches:) much better then the approx 7500 scores reference 560tis in sli get in all the online benchmarks i see. I run the cards 24/7 at 950mhz core and 2400mhz mem at 1.075 volts instead of the factory 1.050 with power save tech on so they downclock the speeds and voltage to .950 ...At my 950mhz 24/7 clocks it scores 9599 inches :) in 3d mark 11
2600k@4848mhz @1.4v CM Nepton40XL 16gb Ram 2x EVGA GTX770 4gb Classified cards in SLI@1280mhz Stock boost on a GAP67-UD4-B3, SBlaster Z powered by TX-850 PSU pushing a 34" LG 21/9 3440-1440 IPS panel. Pieced together 2.1 sound system
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Re: Heaven benchmark popping noise on AMD cards

Sat Aug 04, 2012 10:23 am

I have a 6850 and a Samsung HDTV running over HDMI and it seems fine for me, also a laptop with a 4650 and an HDMI port, I'll check that for you too, if I remember next time I have it out.

You say "mostly" on your Panasonic. Does it happen on other HDMI devices with the 7750 or 6570 too?
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