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TRIM is Supported with IDE Mode on Windows 8?

Wed Aug 22, 2012 7:59 pm

Hello all,

-This is my first time posting here. :D

-On topic: Recently I bought a cheap 32GB KingSpec 2.5" SATA SSD from eBay ($39 with free shipping to Malaysia) and installed Windows 8 Release Preview 32-bit (build 8400) on it. During installation, I had to use IDE mode instead of AHCI because Win8 Setup doesn't recognized the capacity of the disk (it shows 0.0MB - same with Diskpart); Windows 7 SP1 works fine, however.

-CrystalDiskInfo 5.0 shows that this SSD has TRIM feature, and it's enabled on Win8. Being curious, I launched Win8's "Optimize Drives" utility (formerly Disk Defragmenter) and clicked "Optimize all" and the "Current status" column showing the progress! When I checked Event Viewer, it confirmed under Windows Logs>Application>Defrag that the drive "has been trimmed successfully" (or something like that)!

-So, can anyone else confirm this? My system specifications:
HP 6535b (BIOS F.20)
AMD Turion Ultra ZM-87 2.4GHz
SATA2 port on AMD SB700 (IDE mode)

32GB Kingspec KSD-SA25.5-032MJ
JMicron JMF605 Controller (voided warranty to open the casing :cry: )
firmware version 120202
4 NAND flash chips (so it's 4-channel, right?).


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