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HIS iCooler 7750 overclocking results

Fri Aug 24, 2012 2:04 pm

So far i have my core up to 1100mhz from the base 800mhz stock settings and my memory is up to 1365 on its gddr5 or 5460mhz
Note that this is in a h67 based gatewaty DX4860 with a 300 watt Bobo PSU 6GB ddr3 1333 a 1 TB WD caviar Black drive and a i3 2120 cpu.
Note i cloned the 5400rpm 1tb seagate hard drive that came with it so it would be more responsive and it worked out well since i grabbed the WD black drive at best buy for 59$. Also the 7750 ICooler card has no PCI-E power connector so its pulling all its voltage from the pci-E 16x slot.

My 3D mark 11 score went from around 2500 to 3187 scoring it up there with a stock 7770 ghz edition. Its very stable at the overclocked speed giving me 60fps@1080p in BF3 on medium with no aa or blur. but the first time i ran BF3 at these OC settings after a hour of single player gaming i came back to find speedfan and GPU-z showing me the card was running at 100c+ but it never locked up. <link to 3dmark 11 result showing hardware etc.
I made the mistake of swapping the rear 80mm exhaust fan below the PSU to a intake fan"dummy:)" So i switched it back to exhaust and mounted in with the rubber fan mounts instead of srews and run it at full speed, 2500rpms. I also added a front 80mm intake fan along with a pwm slim 65mm fan in the side of the case blowing directly on the video card. The fan came off my old stock 4800x2 amd heatsink with the heatpipes. It maxes out at 3400rpms and is noticeable until i lower the rpms with speedfan to 2900rpms it then becomes silent. Now after a hour of BF3 she is running @ 79c.

I only run the overclocked speeds while gaming i run the card stock for MPC-HC with MadVr etc. Anyway i forgot to disable the overclock to watch a video on MPC-HC and the driver reset on me so the overclock is good for gaming but not for watching vids. besides why stress the card if your not gaming.

Anyway i would like to see some more 3dmark 11 scores from other people with 7750s and 7770s

I am super surprised how well this 7750 games@1080p for a 75$ card that pulls less the 75 watts.
I HIGHLY REC THIS CARD IN ITS LOW PROFILE Form for any slim cased HTPC's ...mine is a full sized card.
Cheers and have a great day
2600k@4848mhz @1.4v CM Nepton40XL 16gb Ram 2x EVGA GTX770 4gb Classified cards in SLI@1280mhz Stock boost on a GAP67-UD4-B3, SBlaster Z powered by TX-850 PSU pushing a 34" LG 21/9 3440-1440 IPS panel. Pieced together 2.1 sound system

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