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660 Ti, APB: Reloaded, RSOD, Lockups

Mon Sep 03, 2012 10:36 am

My 5870 started to die on me so I replaced it with a MSI 660 Ti last week. Well come to find out the game I spend most of my time on these days has severe issues with all 600 series cards. After reading your reviews to help me pick a card (huge fan of the latency benchmark you all do), I figure someone here might be able to point me in the right direction to get this fixed. So here is what has been happening:

1. Every 15-20 mins a small lockup in video and audio.
2. Sometimes during these lockups the screen will completely go black and either my machine will hardlock or the game will come back to 15fps and a driver recovery popup.
3. On exit, the game will RSOD.

This is happening to everyone with a 600 series card. ... o-desktop/

A user on the g1 forum said eVGA put out a firmware update for their 670s and it fixed all his issues. However, my card is an MSI 660 Ti so that doesn't really help me :(. Any ideas on how to get this fixed or should I just send it back to newegg and go with the ATI equivalent?
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Re: 660 Ti, APB: Reloaded, RSOD, Lockups

Mon Sep 03, 2012 8:54 pm

It's probably a driver crash - Nvidia drivers seem to do this a lot, it's never been fixed, and it's been happening for years to thousands of people.
There are good reasons a lot of software writers hate Nvidia. Linus Torvalds had good reasons to call Nvidia "the single worst company the Linux developer community has ever dealt with"

You probably can't RMA your card because it'll pass testing, but it's worth saying you're dissatisfied with it.
You could return it outright and get an AMD but you may have to pay for shipping and a restocking fee again.
You could hope it's not the TDR issue and spend days/weeks/months trying random stuff to fix it instead of actually using it to play games.

In the EU there are distance selling regulations that would help you out here, not sure if the US has anything similar.
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