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Upgrading from Radeon 4870 to GeForce 660 Ti

Tue Sep 04, 2012 2:49 pm

Hi all-
I just took delivery of a 660 Ti to replace my trusty old 4870. I have a couple of questions for you fine, knowledgeable folks...

- As far as installation goes: I've never gone from ATi to nVidia... I've read that it's as simple as uninstalling the Catalyst stuff, swapping the cards, then installing the new nVidia drivers (I'm in Windows 7 Home 64 bit). Some people recommend running either Driver Sweeper or Driver Cleaner after the Catalyst uninstall. Is this necessary on a stable system, and if so, which should I use? Both? Also, the 660 Ti I ordered is the Gigabyte overclocked model... Is there a difference between the drivers from Gigabyte and the drivers straight from nVidia? Should I initially install the stuff from the disk that comes with the card, or just go straight to the latest from nVidia's website?

- I'm gonna run some benchmarks before and after the swap... Are there any games or benchmarks you folks would be interested in seeing?

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Re: Upgrading from Radeon 4870 to GeForce 660 Ti

Tue Sep 04, 2012 3:00 pm

Just uninstall from Programs and Features, shutdown the machine, swap cards, boot up, and install the NVIDIA drivers.
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Re: Upgrading from Radeon 4870 to GeForce 660 Ti

Tue Sep 04, 2012 3:19 pm

Regarding which drivers to install, grab the latest actual drivers from the nvidia website, but check the bundled disk for any useful utilies such as temperature monitors and overclocking tools.

Often these third-party tools are harder to find on the manufacturer website and they're not updated often enough to make it worth hunting for the latest version.

I think we're good for benchmarks - there are dozens of reviews all over the web on the 660Ti so there's probably no publicly available test that hasn't been done on one by now. I could be wrong though, there may well be something more obscure like a gerbil homebrew folding test or something ;)
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