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My experience with City ID on HTC One X

Tue Oct 23, 2012 11:04 am

Work provided me a new smart phone recently, HTC One X model. Somehow, while using the GPS, I started a free trial of City ID, which is a pre-installed app. This app provides the city and state for your caller ID and GPS. Basically, not needed. I think the phone provider may already even do that.

After some googling, I see I can't remove pre-installed apps from Android phones without "rooting" the phone. It's not really my phone so I am leery of that. I force-stopped the app and disabled it, and asked my accounting group to check our bill to make sure nothing is charged.

This is a despicable business practice. Any kind of force-fed shovelware has always irritated me, especially with monthly fees. It is a small amount ($1.99 a month) but on many company phones can certainly add up. Has anyone else had experience with this?
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Re: My experience with City ID on HTC One X

Tue Oct 23, 2012 11:12 am

Every carrier does it to some extent, and it's obnoxious. Same sorts of apps came on my One S, and since it is my phone, I rooted and used Titanium Backup to back it up (just in case of some sort of system dependency), freeze it, and then uninstall it. International One S ROMs do not suffer the same fate, for whatever reason, and my guess is that the One X international phones don't either. That tells me it's T-Mo (in my case), AT&T (in your case), and other carriers forcing that garbage.

I make one exception, though. T-mobile supports wifi calling via UMA. Wifi calling is awesome when I'm at work because T-mo's coverage inside my building is suspect at best. Outside (and in other buildings, even) is not an issue. I just work in a dead spot.
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