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Re: winxp uses 0.5 gb ram on startup

Thu Jan 03, 2013 12:48 pm

jacrys wrote:
ok, i started this thread to get some knowledge of maintaining winxp. is that clear?

Then why aren't you listening to the many people telling you to upgrade to SP3 and IE8? There, there's your knowledge of maintaining WinXP. Yeah, it's wasting people's time who are trying to help you.

I concur with what people have already said and if you really want to keep riding that IBM pony, pony up to max out the RAM at least.

Actually, I'd back all of your stuff up and nuke the laptop from orbit. Use the system restore CDs that came with it. Or get a copy of WinXP and use the license key on the laptop itself to reinstall fresh (don't forget to download the drivers and store them somewhere off the computer FIRST). I've done that on literally over 10 OEM systems in the last month (5 IBM Netvistas and 5 Dell OptiPlexes) to prep them with a bare XP SP3 install and libreoffice and microsoft security essentials to give away. It's really not that hard as long as you've got your installers and serials backed up for reinstallation.

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