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A8-5600K Temps

Fri Jan 25, 2013 10:54 am

I was setting up my HTPC using an A8-5600K and an MSI A74IA-E53 and while doing the routine stability and temp checks, I noticed something odd with the CPU temp. Running Prime95, the BIOS was reading 62C, HWMonitor was reading 94C, and CoreTemp was reading 47C. This was with the stock heatsink, Arctic Silver 5, and the fan never exceeded 2900rpm. The air from the HSF felt warm but 62C seems a little low considering the stock heatsink, "low" fan rpms (I know these things can spin up to ~4000rpm), and 100W CPU. On the other hand, when I touched the heatsink, it definetly didn't burn my finger like 94C would feel. I quickly debunked CoreTemp when I stopped Prime95 and the temp reading dropped to 4C but right now I'm not sure whether to trust the BIOS or HWMonitor. Apparently LegitReviews had the same problem. Am I just biased because the 120mm tower-style heatpipe cooler on my i5-3570K has a hard time keeping temps below 55C running Prime95?

I would like Trinity owners to post their load temps so I can cross-check. Please state your cooler and fan rpms at max temp. I would obviously like to see stock cooler temps if possible.
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Re: A8-5600K Temps

Fri Jan 25, 2013 11:19 am

Might not help a lot since my project was a bit off the wall but this is where I start posting my temps in my Trinity HTPC thread... :-?

Edit: I see you've posted in my thread already so those results are probably not news to you. Sorry.
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Re: A8-5600K Temps

Fri Jan 25, 2013 11:24 am

I remember a post on this somewhere, I think some mobo's are reporting incorrect temps (higher than they actually are), can't remember where I see that though, sorry.
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Re: A8-5600K Temps

Tue Jun 11, 2013 3:49 am

I have the A8-5600K on an ASUS F2 A55-M LK board and I have put back the stock cooler. In the BIOS I get a reading of 48 degrees Celsius for the CPU but in the ASUS AI Suite II it tells me that my CPU temperature is 35 degrees Celsius running at idle and the CPU fan speed is clocked at 2377 RPM (the BIOS tells me it was running at over 2700).

I ran Prime98 and the temperature maxed out (according to ASUS AI Suite II) at 62 degrees Celsius and the fan speed was 3171.

I hope this helps.

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