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Nas (synology213) and Media Streaming Device.

Thu Jan 31, 2013 7:34 pm

Hello everyone,

I started upgrading my home network and find myself in struggling to pick a media streaming device. I just bought my new router, the RT-N66U, and am planning on buying the synology ds213/213+ and a media streaming device.

I was looking at the Roku 2 XS, but wasn’t sure of it had the capabilities to view media off the the synology drive without a personal computer on. The big factor for me is getting media to the tv which is not a smart tv and has no native media support. I have a ps3 but find the interface to clunky.

My goals for the network are as follows:
1. Transfer all current and future downloads to download wirelessly to the Synology 213.
2. Stream all files from the synology drive to the television with a Nice Clean Interface. I really like the look of plex (very similar to Netflix), and I really like the fact that the Roku 2 xs plex app gathers information about all of my media from the web.
3. I already have a playstation 3 and could set it up with synology but hate it’s interface, thumnails of files, and slow refresh time of server libraries.

My question is really regarding the media streaming device.
1. Is the Roku 2 XS a good choice?
2. I want it to connect to the synology drive via Ethernet for max speed. Would you recommend a different Media Streaming Device for someone who cares more about a clean interface for media within the LOCAL network then they do about channels or apps?


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